Assigning lookbooks to clients is the best way to keep a record of what you've shared with them. Since you can share lookbooks however you want, its important to remember what you shared with your clients - to avoid recommending the same items multiple times or in case they have follow-up questions for examples. 

Note that assigning a lookbook to a client does not actually send them the lookbook in any way. They will not have access to the lookbook until you send it to them over Chat or by using the sharable link. 

How to Assign a Lookbook

  1. Visit the Share tab of the lookbook you want to assign.

2. Click Add to choose which clients should be associated with the lookbook. 

3. A list will appear with all clients in your account. Add clients in the search bar or choose from selected list. 

Once you add clients, you can view those lookbooks in their profiles 

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