Clients can be attached to specific team members. This makes it easy to delegate tasks and make sure clients don't get lost in the communication process.

How to Claim a Customer

From the Clients Page

  1. Click on the empty checkbox next to a customer's name. You may select multiple clients at the same time. 

2. Click on the More Options drop-down menu below the search box. 

3. On the drop-down menu, select Assign Users.

4. Check the user you want assigned to the client(s). To assign yourself, simply check your own name. If you select multiple users and multiple clients, all clients will be assigned to multiple users.

From a Customer Profile Page

  1. Click on Assigned in the top right corner.

2. Search for the user you'd like to assign to the client - multiple users can be assigned to the same client. You can assign yourself by searching for your name. Click Save to finish this action.

Note: A customer will automatically be assigned to you if you create them using the New Client button

Unassign a Customer from a User

To Unassign a customer from a user, go to the customer's profile page and click Assigned in the top right corner. Deselect the check box of the user(s) you'd like to unassign and click the Save button.

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