Endear has multiple options to help you locate the messages you're looking for:

  • Type: SMS or email 
  • Status: Open (not responded to), done (responded to), Ignored (spam or unwanted) and unsubscribed (Client has indicated they no longer wish to be contacted). 
  • Recipient: The person who received the message
  • Participant: Any user who has been active in a conversation 
  • First Message Sent: The time frame  customer(s) was contacted for the first time
  • Last Message Sent: The most recent time frame the customer(s) was contacted
  • Last Forward: The time frame in which the customer was last forwarded a message

To apply a filter, open the chat section of the app. Find the filter drop-down menu below the search bar and choose the applicable filters. 

Click Apply to enable the filter. Multiple filters can be applied to any search.  

To remove a filter, find the shaded selection below the search bar and click the X. 

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