If you use a set of filters on a consistent basis, Endear can save the parameters you set to save time. 

  1. Open the chat section of the app. 

2. Add the relevant filters.

3. Click save.

4. Name the Search and select a privacy option. The search can be saved to only your account (private), with admins, or with a specific set of users. 

5. Click the blue save button.

6. The search will appear with the other permanent filters at the top of the chat section on the app for the users granted access.

Edit or delete a search 

To edit or delete a Saved Search, open the search in the chat window and select Edit on the right side of the search bar. 

This will bring up a menu with the options to change the name of the filter and the privacy settings. To delete the filter, click the red delete button. 

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