Templates are a great way to streamline common types of messages, such as thank-you notes and product re-stock notifications. 

Create templates for yourself or share them with your team. Once you add a template to a message, you can always tweak and edit it to make the message feel more personalized. 

How to Create a Template

1. Click on the Compose drop-down and select New Template

2. Choose the format of the message and whether you'd like it to be available to everyone

Message type will determine which templates are available when composing an email or text. Template type allows you to decide whether others can use your template. 

3. Name and populate the content of your template 

Templates can include any type of content you like, including lookbooks, products and images. Email Templates will not display email signatures. 

4. Save your template

How to Include Templates in Messages

1. Click on the Templates icon in the toolbar

2. Select the template you'd like to add from the menu 

The menu will default to Shared templates, but you can use the tabs at the top to view additional templates. 

You can repeat steps 1 & 2 to add as many templates as you'd like. 

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