Some filters have advanced options that allow you to set specific time and date ranges. 

For example, when Advanced is clicked on the Last Contacted filter, a variety of ranges appear. 

These ranges can be used to find customers with dynamic and real-time parameters. 

For example, filters such as This Week, and This Year apply to whatever the current calendar week (Sunday - Saturday) or Year (2019) is, and your results will update dynamically as time goes by. 

If you're interested in a specific week or timeframe on the calendar, for example all customers who were last contacted between June 1st and June 6th, then you should use the Between filter. 

As with all filters, you can select multiple date options in order to produce a wider range of results. 

For example, if you want to see a list of customers who haven't shopped in over 90 days, you could apply the following filters under Last Purchase Date: 

 Select More Than = 90 days ago AND select Never

Combining the two will show you all customers who have purchased over 90 days ago or who have never purchased. 

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