Filters enable you to sort through your clients more easily and find who you're looking for.

Here's an example of how to apply filters based on creating a VIP Saved Search: 

Filtering Rules

When applying filters, adding multiple entries in each field (such as a Zip Code and Total Order Value) will give you a combined result  ("this OR that") , showing you results that have any of the terms you've entered. Adding terms into different fields will narrow your results ("this AND that"). 

As the video demonstrates, here is an example:

If you enter the tags VIP and Designer, the results will show you all the clients tagged with either VIP or Designer. If you use the tag field and the e-mail field, your results will only produce results that have both the tag and the e-mail you entered.

How to Apply Filters 

Click on the Filters button to see all your filtering options

Choose your first filter, such as State, by clicking on the circle next to the item

You'll then be brought to a new menu to make your selection - click on the item you want your results to include, and click Apply. You'll see your filter is now displayed in a grey bar at the top of your results

Alternatively, you can use the drop-down menu at the top to navigate to a different filter, or click on the X at the top-left of the filters to close the window entirely. 

You can add as many filters as you like by repeating these steps. 

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