Saved Searches allow teams to access important customer segments quickly. Common saved searches include product types, last purchase date, and purchase location.

How to create a Saved Search

  1. Apply any filters of interest to produce the results you want. The filters you select will appear as gray tags below the search bar. The example below shows a search for all clients who are female.

2. Exit the filters sidebar. and click Save.

3. Enter a name for this segment, and choose who can view the Saved Search. Click Save.

4. You and anyone you've chosen will now see your saved search at the top of the Clients page. 

Update an existing Saved Search

If you would like to update the criteria of the Saved Search, first click on the Saved Search you want to update, then use the Filters to make the necessary changes.

Once all your new filters have been applied, click Save again

You can then select Update Existing Search in order to apply these new filters permanently to your Saved Search

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