Tagging clients allows you to organize them into specific groups. 

Tagging Clients

  1. Open your Client page and check the box next to one (or more) clients you'd like to tag.

2. Click Add Tags in the More Options drop-down menu.

3. Type the tag you want and press enter. To remove a tag, click the X next to the existing tag.  

4. Click the Add Tag button. 

5. Repeat steps 3-4 to add more tags. 

Tagging a Customer from his/her Profile Page

  1. Locate the Tag field on the client's profile page.

2. Click on the open field to add a new tag. 

3. Hit your Enter key to save the tag. The saved tag will appear white. 

4. You can add as many tags as needed by repeating 1-3. 

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