Your sales page provides helpful data about each purchase that is processed through the platform. 

Navigating Columns

Each sortable column has a unique type of data. Here's a quick overview of each one: 

Order Number: This is the unique number that is automatically generated for each transaction

Total: The purchase price of the order

Refund: The amount of of customer concession (if any)

Status: Whether the order is pending, confirmed, cancelled, or paid

Commission: The amount a referrer earned on the purchase price

Paid on: When the order was paid for by the customer

Order Channel: The platform order originated from (SMS or e-mail)

Location: The physical address the sale originated from

User: The team member assigned to the transaction 


You can use default filters to sort through the data you're trying to find. Filters are located at the top of the page above the search box.

You can also create more specific search results by creating a custom filter using the Filter button. 

To add a sale manually, click the New Sale button. 

You can use the calendar to adjust the window of time for which sales will display. 

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