Saved Searches allow teams to view specific sales segments quickly. The default saved searches (which are based on the status of a sale) are Pending, Confirmed, Paid, Cancelled, and All, and are visible above the Sales page search bar. 

You can created additional Searches based on these filters: 

  • User
  • Order Channel
  • Location
  • Status
  • Order Total
  • Commission
  • # of Days since Message

How to create a Saved Search

1. Open your Sales page and select the Filter button. 

2. Apply any filters of interest to produce the results you want. The filters you select will appear as gray tags below the search bar. The example below shows a search for all orders greater than $100. Click the blue Apply button.

2. Exit the filters sidebar. and click the Save button.

3. Enter a name for this segment, and choose who can view the Saved Search. Click Save.

4. You and anyone you've chosen will now see your saved search at the top of the Sales page. 

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