Saved Searches allow teams to access specific segments of tasks with a single click. The default saved searches are Due this Week, Incomplete, Complete, Created by Me, and All. You can created specialized searches using the following parameters:

  • Type
  • Creator
  • Assigned User
  • Status
  • Added
  • Last Updated
  • Due Date
  • Deleted

How to create a Saved Search

1. Open your Task menu and click the Filter button. 

2. Apply any filters of interest to produce the results you want. The filters you select will appear as gray tags below the search bar. 

3. After choosing your filters, click the blue Apply button. You can apply as many filters as you like by repeating steps 1-3.

4. Once you've applied all the relevant filters, click Save (admins only).

5. Enter a name for this segment, and choose who can view the Saved Search. Click Save.

6. You and anyone you've chosen will now see your saved search at the top of the Tasks page.

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