How to create a messaging task

  1. Start in the Clients page and select the clients you would like users to contact.

2. Under the More Actions drop-down menu, select Create Task.

3. Click Select User to choose who the task should be assigned to. 

4. Select the user(s) who you would like to reach out to the clients you've selected. If you select multiple users, Endear will automatically divide your target clients evenly & randomly across the users you've chosen. 

5. Enter the title and description of the task. 

6. Use the Set Due Date button to assign a date/time to the task (optional). 

7. Click the blue Save button. 

8. The page will automatically reroute to your Tasks page, with the task you just created automatically opened. 

Messaging tasks also include a progress count (e.g 0/1) so you can see how many clients out of the total you assigned have been contacted in real time. Since messages are being sent through Endear, the platform will automatically indicate who has been contacted and when the full list has been completed. 

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