To give a user access to Endear's chat function, click the letter symbol in the bottom-left corner of your dashboard and select Settings

Within settings, select Chat

Choose a chat channel and click Edit to add a new user. 

3. Find a user in the provided directory or use the search function. Click Add User. Your selected user(s) will now be able to access the chat channel you have set. 

Assigning a channel manager (admins only) 

Assign a channel manager to ensure that no messages to a specific email or phone number fall through the cracks. 

A manager will be pinged for any unassigned, inbound messages, and for any pending messages that stay "Open" for longer than 24 hours. 

To assign a manager over a chat channel, open the channel as shown in steps 1-2 above. 

Click on Set as Manager. This access can be revoked at any time by selecting Remove Access.

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