Setting up email addresses with a custom domain provides customers with a more branded experience and makes it easier to identify who is reaching out to them.

Part 1: How to set up your own custom domain

1. Visit the Settings page and click Chat

2.  Click +New, and select Sender Domain

2. Enter your store's web address and click Next

3. Provide a subdomain

This can be anything you like, but we recommend something like "store" or "chat". This step is required and is different from your From name - you will create an email address for your users using this subdomain once your subdomain is set up.

4. Scroll down to the Sender Domains section of your Chat Settings page

5. Verify your address 

Add Endear's DNS records yourself, or by using the Email Instructions button to send along a request to the right person on your team

6. Once the DNS records have been added, click Verify 

7. The system will confirm with a green checkmark

Note that DNS records can take up to 24 hours to register, so if the address isn't verified immediately, come back to this page to check again later.

8. Once your DNS records have been verified, continue with setting up an email address

Part 2: Add an email address using your custom domain

1. Click on +New, and select Email Address

3. Enter the From name you'd like to use for sending email 

The from name will appear before the @ sign of the e-mail address. You can then choose your custom domain instead of the generic Endear domain.

4. Grant access to the users you want to sending messages from this address

Endear will prompt you with a list of current users, and multiple users can share a contact method. 

5. Select at least one user to serve as the manager of the contact method using the toggle under the user's name, then click Next. 

Note that you will not be able to move on to the next step until you select a manager.

6. You'll see this new contact method and the assigned users in the Manage Channels section of your Chat Settings page - you can visit this page to add additional users whenever you'd like. 

Now your users can send e-mail messages from this new address! 

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