Your Pulse page is where you can find an overview of your sales for the current month and who is making the biggest impact on your store's performance. 

From here, you can:

  1. See a month-to-date breakdown of sales at your location. 
  2. View associate performance based on sales or messages sent
  3. Visit previous months' pulse pages to compare your numbers.
  4. Add your own custom reports to your Pulse page for easy access.

At the top of the page, you'll find a snapshot of this month's metrics. You can use the arrows next to the month to see the insights for a previous month or you can use the cards below to dive in more deeply into your Insights.


This is where you'll find all of your sales for the current calendar month. 

  • Click the View All button for a more in-depth look at your sales for the month.


Find out how much each one of your associates is contributing to this month's performance. The default view for your leaderboard is set to Sales but you can also use the block to see messages

Sales Reports 

Save your own custom sales reports straight to your Pulse page for easy access! We've already created a few on your behalf to help you get started.

  • Click the + button to create and add your own report. This will bring you to your Sales page, where you can apply filters like 'Days to Convert' or 'Order Location' to create a custom report. Learn how to create a custom report.
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